The Difference Between Diet and Lifestyle

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The Difference Between Diet and Lifestyle


By this point in our society we have created, disproved, and recreated hundreds of different diets all for one singular purpose. To lose weight, and look great of course. First let’s take a look at some of the biggest fads in the weight loss lifestyle.



  • 1800s The Vinegar Diet, drinking apple cider vinegar and water became popular and there was diarrhea and vomiting throughout the land, which like most cleansers(diuretics) it did cause a slight albeit unhealthy weight loss for some.

Also during this time (the 1800s) The Fletcherism Diet was created and gained a following with the weight loss lifestyle enthusiasts.



Throwing Up is not a good lifestyle choice

The idea was that if you chewed your food enough times you could spit it out because your body would absorb all the nutrients you need. So with that in mind you can spit out the rest of that fattening food stuff, on the ground or whatever.

  • 1930s This is the time where the so called Hollywood( where a lot of crazy weight loss lifestyle ideas come from) Diet or Grapefruit Diet gained fame. Essentially it stated that if you eat a grapefruit with every meal and limit your portions you would lose weight.



farting is not a weight loss solution
  • 1950s  Slightly cruel and silly the reign of the Cabbage Soup Diet ruled here for a time. It was all about only eating bowls of cabbage soup(and little else) to sedate your grumpy stomach until you lose weight. It could have just as easily been called the can of beans diet due to the link between cabbage and flatulence.

The Mediterranean Diet gained brief popularity here again; It has been floating around for a few thousand years making it one of the oldest weight loss lifestyles and is often an outline used in diets that revolve around limiting meat while increasing plant based food consumption.

  • 1963 Weight Watchers is born in NY and becomes a prominent and persistent program worldwide
  • 1970s One of the most infamous of the time The Prolinn Diet was based on a popular trend at the time of food systems. The Prolinn Diet’s oddly prophetic media name was the Last Chance Diet. It was a drink that you would take every day to help lose weight. At least 50 people had heart attacks while on this diet and it was reported that

the Prolinn drink was made out of animal byproducts or slaughterhouse scraps such as hooves, horns, bones, and other things we don’t typically eat willingly.

Nutrisystem gained popularity at this time and Slim-Fast was also unleashed upon us in this time period of weight loss lifestyle diets; Still popular today.

One of my favorite diets also came about during this time and that is The Cookie Diet  Created by a real doctor from Fl named Sanford Siegal. He created his own brand of special designed cookies that you would eat every day with smaller meals. Ingenious really, the man is a doctor that sells you desert.

  • Now here I will mention the Atkins Diet. created, honed, and outlined in a series of books written by doctor Robert Atkins in the 60s 70s 80s and so on. I remember it really gaining fame for a while when I was a kid in the 90s. It was on top of the world and pushed by the media harder than a boiled egg. The main idea behind the diet you may remember was to cut as much carbs from your diet as possible. Needless to say this diet lost most of it’s spotlight when Dr. Atkins died after slipping and falling on ice. The cause of death is heavily debated by medical professionals and theorist from heart attack, blunt force trauma to the brain from the is not known if Atkins was following his own diet at the time.

From here it would be pointless to try to keep up with the diet crazes that get crazier and more numerous than one person can keep up with. Everything from the all potato or all lemon diet to all green tea or god forbid jenny mcarthy(just kidding). The point is so many of these exist is because everyone wants to look great. Everyone wants to be healthy and handsome. This has been the case since the first diet was made when a caveman stuck finger in his throat for the first time.

These weight loss lifestyle are not the way to reach your goal and sustain the results. The image we all have of ourselves as an Adonis or a future Adonis in our heads is not something that can be achieved quickly with a system that you can use for a time and then quite when you look the part. What most people that fall for these diet fads do not understand is that it takes a completely different lifestyle to achieve what you see in your head.

This is because you; not the person you see in your head but you right now are a physical description of what you have done and what has been done to you. That is why in order to be the hunk in our head in reality we need to not diet but commit to a change in lifestyle by focusing on our daily choices and decisions.

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