Corrective Fitness Consultation

We’ll do a series of exercises to determine:
-Muscular Imbalances
-Areas of Weakness or Concern
-Posterior Problems
As well as Leave you with Actionable Steps, Customized to your Unique Needs and Goals using the Information Collected during the Consultation
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Everyone wants the good life, but not everyone gets the good life. Knowledge is useless unless you take action, the results you want relies on your dedication to the Progam.

To get access to the General Fitness Program you must agree to follow these guidelines:


  • To gain Physical independence and beyond, you must deserve it. You won't be benching 250 overnight, but you can gain the skills to start working towards it a lot sooner than you think
  • To live the life full of passion and excitement you must be consistent. The University College London says that forming a new habit takes at least 66 days. It's a proven time frame you will need to begin rewiring your brain to gain new levels of success.
  • To achieve the levels of success that all of your friends and family will envy you must always invest in yourself. Warren Buffett the world's greatest investor said "The more you learn, the more you earn."