Fat Loss – Simplified

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Major confession: I’m an eavesdropper at the gym. I got in the habit as a young trainer strolling around the floor. I’d listen to see what quality fitness info people were exchanging. Helping strangers sort through the unregulated waves of fitness info on the internet was a great way to meet new clients. I never […]

The Art of Quitting

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“SHIT. There it goes again.” This was Alan’s third attempt on a squat. We had rolled, stretched, performed a custom dynamic warm up, lowered the working weight, and still Alan’s knee was screaming at him. Alan is one of the most driven people I’ve ever coached. If you write a set/rep/weight in his program he […]

How To Eat For Your Body Type

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Diets are not one-size-fits-all. Any man who has ever bought a suit knows that a tailored suit is better than an off-the-rack suit. But many people fail to apply this basic principle to nutrition. Your body is unique. No one is quite like you. Which brings us to the problem: There is a lot of […]